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Amy Adina Photo Request

Dear Friends,
It has been nearly three decades since Amy Adina Schulman died unexpectedly of an aneurysm. Since then we have moved from being young activists to professionals on our chosen paths. We have families, children, nieces and nephews of our own in whom we invest love and time and hope. Looking back on the relative optimism and possibility during our times together with Amy Adina, it makes the present all the more precious.

Over the past 27 years under the leadership of the Schulman family, the Amy Adina Schulman Memorial Fund (AASMF) has given opportunities to young people to continue the work that Adina was engaged in and which was so abruptly halted. Since its inception, AASMF has supported more than 1000 young people working on nearly every continent in their own endeavors of creating a more just and hopeful world. Many grantees of the Fund write about the value of the early investment in them and their beliefs by the Fund as encouragement in their own leadership development and confidence in choosing a road less travelled.


And now we have a special request of you—we need your help.  Ruth Schulman, Amy Adina’s mother, with whom many of you are in touch, has been going through her daughter’s letters and essays and applications to find material to share with grantees of the Amy Adina Fund via the Fund website and its newsletter.  


We would like to collect as many photos, letters from Amy Adina (or excerpts,) and stories about Amy Adina as we can find. We hope to share Amy Adina’s story of connection, vibrancy and activism for the brief time that she was with us to the more than 1000 grantees that are the living embodiment of Amy Adina’s vibrant activism.Photos tell the story of a real young woman letting those who are the beneficiaries of the Fund understand that their work stands atop the shoulders of someone we loved and called friend.

Please send up your photos annotated with approximate dates and locations.  And, if you are willing, please let us know who else is in the photo.  By sharing these photos we gratefully accept the responsibility and permission to put them on the website and in the newsletter over the next number of years.  If you will allow us to use the photos but do not wish your name to be posted, please indicate this as well.

Anything that you are willing to share about an experience or time you spent with Amy Adina will be welcomed with love and appreciation.

With love and gratitude,

Thea/Dodi Buxbaum


To upload files to our Dropbox* folder, go to or email us at to get an email with an invitation to upload your images to our Dropbox folder. Please identify your files with your name.

Or send materials to us at:
(We will scan your photos and return them to you intact.)

The Amy Adina Schulman Memorial Fund
C/O Thea Buxbaum
425 West Rock Avenue
New Haven, CT 06515


*The Dropbox file request comes from our design and
marketing friends at Design Monsters.